1. What do you all do there?
We support families with young children through a collaborative community of support. We partner with other agencies who provide services that strengthen and encourage families to work together to support their children. Supporting families strengthens our community.
2. Where are you?
We are located at 800 W. Graham Rd., just off Chamberlayne Ave. We’re just north of the I-95/I-64 interchange, and convenient to a GRTC bus stop. (GRTC Route: Chamberlayne 37)
3. Can you help me find child care?
Yes. Our Executive Director, Veronica Fleming, has resources throughout our community to help you find quality childcare providers for children ages 6 weeks to first day of Kindergarten. Scholarship assistance is available for qualified families. Call (804) 353.4264, ext. 111
4. Can you help me find a job?
Yes. Our partner, Goodwill, can help you build and improve your skills with computer training and internet job searching. Working with you, Goodwill Employment Services will help you polish your resume, provide workshops to learn presentation skills, and offer you opportunities to meet the employers in the area who have jobs to offer. Goodwill also helps job seekers who are ex-offenders and reentering the job market. Contact our Executive Director, Veronica Fleming, and get started on your path to employment! Call (804) 353.4264, ext. 111
5. Can you help me get a car?
Yes. Our partner, Ways To Work helps employed, financially- and credit- challenged families with children who can demonstrate an ability to repay a loan an opportunity to borrow at reasonable rates, obtain reliable transportation, become dependable employees, and strengthen their credit scores, all of which help build a path to a stable home. There are qualifications, of course, and if you meet those, Ways To Work can help you get a car. Call (804) 353.4264
6. I don’t know how to use a computer. Can you help me?
Yes we can! We have computer labs at the Northside Family Learning Center. For people who have no experience with technology, basic classes in computer use, keyboarding, word processing and spreadsheets are usually offered on Mondays and Tuesdays. To participate in the basic computer classes, come by the Northside Family Learning Center with a photo ID to register, anytime, Monday – Thursday, 8:30 – 4:00. There is a small fee of $10.00 per month to take the classes. For experienced computer users seeking certification in order to get a job or advance their careers, we also offer preparatory classes to take the Microsoft Certification Exams for MS Word, MS Excel and/or MS PowerPoint. You must apply to take these classes; the applications are available here at Northside Family Learning Center. Class size is limited so that participants and the instructor have ample time to work together. Financial assistance and/or transportation assistance can be available for qualified students to take the exam.