As soon as Glandeneria Fredericks walks her 3-year old son Tahmaj into Capital Child Center, he makes a beeline for his classroom. He can’t wait to see his friends and get his day started. Glandeneria thinks it’s a pretty special place too.

Tahmaj is one of many kids attending a quality childcare center on a scholarship from the Partnership for Families. Through November, the Partnership has granted scholarships to 26 children totaling nearly $105,000. And for many, this is the only way the benefits of quality child care are within reach. The cost of quality child care can rival college tuition fees… often $10,000 to $15,000 per year!

When Glandeneria moved to Richmond, she set about gathering information on services available to help growing families like hers. She learned about our partner, Family Lifeline, and began working with a parent educator, who came to Glandeneria’s home to help with parenting skills and childhood development activities. Family Lifeline also referred her to the Partnership. After going through a rigorous evaluation, an action plan was developed and a partial scholarship was granted.

Did You Know…
  • $51 will fully provide for one day of quality care for a two-year old, including breakfast and lunch, and the quality activities that nurture her developing physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills.
  • $100 will cover hands-on field trips and supplies throughout the year for children ages 2-5, allowing them to explore interests outside their usual environments.
  • $190 will provide for one week of quality care for a toddler, including breakfast, lunch and two snacks, and quality, educational activities.
  • $510 will fully provide for two weeks of quality care for an infant, including meals and snacks, diapers and wipes, and activities that stimulate his developing mind.

“Some people don’t know help is available. Others let pride stand in the way of getting help. They want to do it themselves. But every day without progress takes you one day further away from your goals. I know. I’ve been there. I’ve been hungry.” said Glandeneria. And what are her goals and dreams? Glandeneria answers without hesitation. “I want what everyone wants for their family… stability, health and happiness. And I want a career, not just a job. I want to be an asset, not a liability!”

Quality child care is indeed helping Glandeneria reach those goals. She is attending Fortis College to become a surgical technician, with a graduation date of June, 2017. And she sees changes in Tahmaj every day, as he learns the social and academic skills he’ll need for preschool, kindergarten and beyond. “I love Capital Child Center. Tahmaj is learning so much.” says Glandeneria. “He comes home and teaches ME new things!”

If you are interested in supporting the Partnership’s child care scholarship program, call our Director of Development, Heather Parrish at (804) 353-4263, ext. 105, or email her at