Latifah Latifah is a remarkable woman and mother. She is raising three boys and living in Gilpin Court, the largest subsidized housing community in Richmond. Latifah works hard to ensure her boys have their needs met. But she is realistic, she constantly worries about the violence that occurs in her neighborhood and how it is affecting her children. Too, she recognizes education is the key component to breaking the cycle of poverty for her family. She desperately wants her two year old, Bishop, to attend a quality preschool. She fears he won’t be ready for kindergarten when the time comes. Her biggest hurdle now? She needs transportation to get him to preschool. If she had transportation, she would have the opportunity to receive a scholarship for Bishop to attend a 4-star quality rated daycare through Partnership for Families (PFF). Latifah is employed; she works part-time for PFF as a Street Team member. Her leadership role is to ensure her neighbors and surrounding neighborhoods are aware of the programs PFF and our partner organizations offer so they obtain the support they need, want and deserve. Latifah is also going to school to become a certified nursing assistant. As well, she is enrolled in a Financial Opportunity Center within our facility which provides employment and career counseling, one-on-one financial coaching and education and low-cost financial products that help build credit, savings and assets.