1.	Natasha and her son Mi’Zay Imagine being homeless with three small children; most of us can’t. This is Natasha’s story and how Partnership for Families has helped her thrive. "I am no longer homeless. I live in a one bedroom apartment in the Northside. I reached out to PFF as I heard they would have resources to help me and my children. They were right! PFF along with VCUHS provided my youngest, Mi’Zay, with quality childcare which allows me to work a full time job. To continue my childcare scholarship I am required to enroll in the Financial Opportunity Center. I will receive career training, financial coaching and credit building skills. I have my GED and I am excited about going back to school. I can see my future now and I dream of having a bigger apartment and bedrooms for my children. I am grateful to PFF’s encouragement and commitment to helping my family."